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We all need some time to get away from the busy world and focus on taking care of ourselves. At Ah! Massage at The Zen Zone you can escape from the stress of your responsibilities and soothe your mind, body and soul.

Your Premier Spa Services

Nicarah White


Over 10 years of experience working in the health and wellness industry. Through her years of experience, she has structured Ah! Massage at The Zen Zone to be a relaxing place where everyone can come in, feel comfortable and get exactly what they desire.

  • "We were on vacation staying at the Atlantis Hotel.  My wife doesn not like the high pressure sales typical during massages.  She was great and we truly recommend her.  The price was less than half that of the Spa at Atlantis, but the best part was that the masseuse focused on massaging instead of selling.  It was a 20 minute walk across the bridge or a $15 cab ride.  We highly recommend it"
    Peter LaPray
  • "Robin and I visited the Ah Massage Bahamas in Nassau during a cruise ship visit this month, May 2018.  Robin got a relaxing massage and Nicarah was so nice to us we became friends right away.  We were the last customers that day and she dropped us off at the cruise port.  When we got back to the shop Robin realized she left her necklace behind.  We contacted Nicarah on her email and she shipped the necklace back to us in North Carolina.  If you want a relaxing massage while cruising to Nassau with someone nice that you can trust, the Ah Massage Bahamas is the place to go.   I will definitely go back to Nassau again on my next vacation"
    Harold Clarkson
  • "I must say one of THE BEST Yoga Instructors!  Very down to earth, knowledgeable and passionate about her craft.  Patiently works along with you and pushes you to new levels you thought were impossible during each session."
    Vernell McIntosh
  • "My wife and I had a couples massage here while visiting Nassau.  It was fantastic!  Great  facilities, reasonably priced and an expert massage.  They even helped us coordinate a taxi back to our hotel after the massage.  Could not recommend more!"
    Chris Roarty
  • My experiences at Ah Massage Bahamas have always been enjoyable.  As I age gracefully I find it is essential to find every opportunity to be relaxed and stress free. My attempts at yoga were encouraged and I found that when I was feeling especially stressed I found out about restorative Yoga.  Ahhhh!  Stress relieved.  I usually have a massage and facial monthly and have found care is taken to ensure sanitary conditions and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Currently I am enjoying mobile services.  It allows me to be even more relaxed.  I do not have to go out into traffic so I maintain my relaxed feelings.  She arrived promptly, well equipped and a professional in her attitude to her work.   I can tell you that Ah Massage Bahamas is a guaranteed enjoyable experience.  
    Carol Edwards