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You Come to Us... OR... We Come to You!

We offer specialized massage services unlike any other, and we guarantee nothing but utmost relaxation after every session.

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Holistic Healing at Your Convenience

Ah! Massage at The Zen Zone aims to give the gift of peace and wellness to clients in Nassau and other parts of the Bahamas by providing mobile massage and yoga services. We offer specialized massage services unlike any other, and we guarantee nothing but utmost relaxation after every session.

Our services are great for both locals and tourists of our beautiful country. Contact us today for more information!

How It All Started

Our owner first learned about the wonders of yoga and massage more than 11 years ago and has formally worked in the industry for more than 9 years. Today, she hopes to take all the lessons and techniques she has learned over the years to provide clients with an unforgettable healing experience.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to provide excellent massages and quality yoga services to clients who want to recharge and heal themselves.


"My experiences at Ahh Massage have always been enjoyable. As I age gracefully I find it is essential to find every opportunity to be relaxed and stress free. My attempts at yoga were encouraged and I found that when I was feeling especially stressed I found out about Restorative Yoga. Ahhhh! Stress relieved. I usually have a massage and facial monthly and have found care is taken to ensure sanitary conditions and a thoroughly enjoyable experience Currently I am enjoying mobile services. It allows me to be even more relaxed.I do not have to go out into traffic so I maintain my relaxed feelings. She arrived promptly, well equipped and professional in her attitude to her work. I can tell you that Ahh Massage is a guaranteed enjoyable experience.

- Carol Edwards

Ah! Massage at The Zen Zone Customer

"We were on vacation staying at the Atlantis hotel. My wife does not like the high pressure sales typical during massages. She was great and we truly recommend her. The price was less than half that of the Spa at Atlantis, but the best part was that the masseuse focused on massaging instead of selling. It was a 20 minute walk across the bridge or a 15 dollar cab ride. We highly recommend it.

-Peter LaPray

- Ah! Massage at The Zen Zone Customer

"Nicarah at Ah! Massage has piqued my interest in yoga. What started as a temporary hobby is now something I plan to carry with me in the near future. She is professional and very knowledgeable about her craft and does not hesitate to encourage students outside of the classroom. She tailors the session to each student and works at the pace which you are comfortable at. I highly recommend her services."

-Domonique Beneby

-Ah! Massage at The Zen Zone Customer

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